Dagri – a Data Grid Software

You can do handicraft with a multitool – anything can be done with it. But you will still buy a nipper, a saw and a screwdriver. Because multitools sucks. You can manage a whole business with a smartphone, but you will still buy a real computer for it. You can manage all table stuff with a spreadsheet. But spreadsheets sucks on the most basic thing: Just handling simple tables. Lets take a look at this:

That is Dagri. Dagri is what spreadsheets should be. So Dagri is not what you know as a spreadsheet – spreadsheets are designed for complex structures and math calculations (stuff most users never need!). Dagri instead is a data grid software. And it is the worlds first (and as far I know only) data grid desktop application. It does what I (the programmer) wanted and what I needed.